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Aug 29, 2019

In this episode JT Campos aka Boaz Jimenez from Queen of the South chats with your favorite host Galaxy about life and love and all his inspirations. This is a deep episode full of advise and great vibes.

Joseph Thomas Campos also known as Joseph Thomas, was born on January 16. 1973, in Winfield, Illinois. A graduate of Mission High School, class of 1991, Joseph Thomas started acting in high school, where he took part in many plays for his drama class. His desire to fulfill his dream of being an Actor/Stuntman brought him to Austin, Texas and in the early 2000's he landed his first gig that would change his life forever. Joseph Thomas was hired on as an extra in the movie "The Alamo", where he played a soldier in the Mexican Army. He later became a featured extra performing Various Stunts, and was one of the Davey Crockett Executioners. From television series to feature films. Joseph Thomas. has etched an indelible mark into the industry and into the hearts of those he works with. His range of skills span from acting, voiceover, stunts, lighting, sound, writing, editing. On set, he cares about keeping up positive morale and can quickly anticipate the needs of others after working with them for just a short time. Joseph Thomas loves working with kids and enjoyed helping out in 2007 with the Austin Film School. Even as recent as last year he worked instructing elementary students all over the Austin area in association with LUPE Arte. His creativity does not stop there it also extends into music, he starred in a video for with The Late very popular Accordion Player & Vocalist Aniceto Molina. He received The Merit Award for Best Supporting Actor at Indie Fest 2009 for the role of Benito in Guilty. More recently he has worked on Dusk til Dawn (TV series). Coming up, you can see him in the new ABC TV series, American Crime & USA TV Series Queen of the South

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