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Sep 12, 2019

In this episode Neil Cohen author of the Exit Zero Zombie trilogy chats with your favorite host Galaxy about his wonderful Zombie books and about his work with the government that pertains to the Apocalypse and more. Tune in to hear Neil talk Zombie, don't miss out!

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Neil has written 3 fiction novels focused on SyFy/Horror and a 4th book (and 1st non-fiction) releasing October 1st, 2019 titled Business is Dead, Resurrecting Entrepreneurship, focuses on pop culture fans and how to move from ComicCon/FantasyCon/HorrorCon attendee to Con Entrepreneur and vendor.   

Over the past 5 years of working pop culture, horror and comic con's, Neil has met many interesting and talented vendors, artists, authors, businesses and charities who launched their venture based on their love of a particular genre of entertainment.  Whether they are fans of The Walking Dead, Horror Movies, Ghostbusters, Supernatural or Marvel and DC, it was their passion for that particular show, movie or genre' that drove their launch and success.  These people are more than entrepreneurs, as profit was not their primary motivator, they were FANtrepreneurs. 

Neil has captured some of their stories, as well as his own advice, guidance and lessons learned in launching his first Fantrepreneurship forthcoming non-fiction book Business is Dead, Resurrecting Entrepreneurship.  The book will be available at Amazon, and at Barnes & Noble bookstores nationwide October 1st, 2019.

Neil's three books that make up the Exit Zero Zombie trilogy are a great read for anyone who loves zombies and wants to see them eat New Jersey. Exit Zero (, Nuke Jersey ( and Zombie Democracy (

Meet Neil at the upcoming con's such as The Living Dead Weekend, PA (September 2019), Walker Stalker Con, Atlanta (October 2019), Soprano's Con in New Jersey (November 2019 and Marscon, VA (January 2020).  More 2019 and 2020 appearances to be announced on social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram) all found at @ExitZeroZombie