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Sep 10, 2019

Victoria Bennett aka Bevin is a writer, podcast host, and Indy creator. She is a true geek and loves to be called one. Victoria is also a proud on camera talent for the popular web magazine Den of Geek. In this episode Bevin chats with your favorite host Galaxy about her experience being a female indy creator and the road to where she is today. Theres tons of great advise and giggles, so don't miss a second.

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Bevin is a graduate from AMDA, an original founding member of Orphans Productions, Creator of the SAG Web Series ADULTish. The Orphans have produced music video parodies about Star Wars, DC vs Marvel, Game of Thrones and Suicide Squad. She has been seen performing at 54 Below and the Duplex.

Plays include: IndependenceFive Women Wearing the Same Dress, and The Body Stories. Film: Starving, Knights of Better Days.

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follow her on IG: @bevinynotnow  / @adultish_series