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Dec 7, 2019

We invited Sean-Ryan Petersen star of Victor and Valentino to chat with our host with the most Galaxy about his love of voice acting and to give some insight on what it takes to land a lead roll.

Sean-Ryan Petersen is a diverse and multi range on camera and voice over actor. Born in Los Angeles, Sean-Ryan grew up in the sunny and vivrant areas of Santa Monica. Having done several promotional spots at six years old Sean booked the title role of "Olly" on PBS Sprouts "Dive Olly Dive" in 2009 recording 52 episodes. From there Sean-Ryan booked the lead "Kevin" in the Martha Stewart themed and produced animated series "Martha and Friends". Subsequently Sean-Ryan voiced the "Blackbox" recorder for two seasons for acclaimed and award winning Director Tony Valenzuela. Over the years Sean-Ryan has been featured in several different commercials, ADR services for movies including Angelina's Jolie's Unbroken, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and DC's Aquaman. Sean-Ryan is working on Cartoon Network's newest project "Victor and Valentino", as the title character Valentino.

Sean-Ryan loves many things including anime, golf, playing the drums, electric cars, speaking Japanese, traveling the world, and playing video games with his big-little brother, Conner-Ryan Petersen. Fun fact, Sean-Ryan at the age of nine designed his first video game, a first person shooter called Egyptians Rise, that debuted at a science fair in Venice, CA. Sean is a consummate worker and has trained at UCB Sunset, ZB Studios, and with Tony Gonzales of VO Kids.

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